Buddy Wagon, the collapsable cart, helps create the perfect picnic

February 9, 2016

picnic crop

The best way to take advantage of the beautiful, warm days ahead is with a delicious picnic eaten in a lovely al fresco setting. There’s something about eating outdoors, and on a blanket, that makes food taste slightly more delicious, whether it’s a family fun day at the beach, or a romantic picnic for two, here are some of our top tips on what to pack into your Buddy Wagon to create the perfect picnic.

1. A selection of finger foods that are pre cut and ready to eat saves on carting along extra plates and serving platters.

A good picnic selection could include:

– Grape, apples, berries and other fruits.

– Baby carrots and other raw veggies, with hummus or eggplant dip.

– Cheese and crackers.

– A selection of sandwiches or wraps, cut in half or quarters. Avoid sandwiches with mayonnaise, which goes bad in the heat.

– Mini picnic quiche.

– Tortilla chips and salsa.

2. Partially freeze water bottles to keep your beautiful picnic cool and then use them later as they melt for refreshing cool drinks. When it comes to food storage remember that heat rises and cold sinks, so for best preservation of chilled foods pop your ice packs or water bottles on top.

3. Pack cool drinks into an esky, and of ┬ácourse don’t forget glasses and a bottle opener.

4. An umbrella or shade tent helps keep everyone cool.

5. A blanket or 2 so there is room enough for everyone.

6. Baby wipes and bin bags help with the clean up.

The Buddy Wagon can carry up to 70 kgs and simply folds up to fit into your car boot making it the perfect buddy to help carry all your picnic supplies.