Life’s so much easier with your Buddy Wagon around.

August 29, 2017

“A Buddy for Life and Everything in it”… true for both our friendship and business, Buddy Wagon.

 A trip to America three years ago by two friends and the idea for the first Australian Buddy Wagon was born! 
Collapsable cart culture is a way of life in America and it suites the outdoor lifestyle of Australians perfectly, so we decided to set up our own folding cart business here in Australia.
Buddy Wagons are portable by design, incredibly easy to set up and can carry a lot of weight, up to 70 kgs with ease. They collapse to be easily stored or transported in cars, or on planes. And are made from a durable fabric which can be easily maintained and cleaned. A collapsible, strong and stylish Buddy Wagon is perfect for the garden, beach, backyard, party, garage, sports and whatever fits into your life.
We now have a limited addition wagon selling alongside our original red Buddy Wagon. The beautiful blue Mullet Wagon, with a fabric design featuring the mullet fish, has been designed by a local artist and is a limited release.
Our philosophy and campaign for Buddy Wagons represents our business but also us and our friendship:
A Buddy For Life and Everything in it.