Here’s some fun ways to use your collapsable Buddy Wagon these school holidays.

September 14, 2017

The air is warmer and there are so many ways to creatively entertain the kids these holidays – using your collapsable wagon will make it even easier. The beauty of a Buddy Wagon is that it is so compact you can store it in the car, that way it is always on hand when you need it.

Here are some relaxing ideas to help you enjoy the school holidays.

  • Start your own vegetable patch in your garden. Or plant them in larger planter boxes if you don’t have the space. I use my wagon at the nursery, then cart them straight from the car to the garden – so simple and the kids will love picking and eating what they grow.
  • Spend a day at a museum or art gallery – such an easy way to carry snacks, water bottles and extra layers of clothing.
  • Go to a farmer’s market, Buddy Wagon in hand and stock up on fresh, seasonal, organic produce and keep it plastic free. Get the kids to choose their favourite fruit to eat.
  • Go for a walk – in nature, outdoors and enjoy breathing the fresh air.
  • Load you Buddy Wagon with your shopping bags and do a grocery shop at your favourite organic grocers and splurge on something you don’t have very often.
  • Start a herb garden that will sit on your windowsill. Also, most herbs are quite hardy and will last throughout the year.
  • Spring clean the bedrooms. Take all your old clothes, books and toys and donate these things to charity. Cart them all into the shop in one load by using your wagon. Make room for the new by clearing out the old.
  • Head out doors, load up your Buddy wagon with supplies, and paint, draw, sketch or write.
  • Go to the park, pack some homemade sandwiches and a big picnic blanket.
  • Travel. I love travelling and it’s such fun to have new and exciting adventures with the kids. Your foldable cart can easily be checked in with your other luggage.
  • Go for a walk by the beach. Breathe in the salty sea breeze and watch the waves lick the shore. Create a collage in the sand from all the beautiful things you find.
  • Go to some local wineries and do some tasting. Buy your favourite tipple at the cellar door and transport them easily out to your car (this one is for the parents sanity!)
  • Go fishing down at the local pier and carry all your tackle and a foldable chair in your Buddy. With a little luck you could catch dinner.
  • Go to the local zoo. Load up your Buddy Wagon and make a day of it by taking lunch. Let the kids use your camera to take photos of their favourite animals.

When you have a Buddy Wagon you have “A Buddy for life and everything in it”, have fun.